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I Solisti Veneti

I Solisti Veneti

I Solisti Veneti

Founded in 1959 by the acclaimed Italian conductor Claudio Scimone, I Solisti Veneti has been a vibrant and constant presence in the classical music scene. From their beginnings in Padua, Italy, this chamber orchestra has captivated audiences worldwide with their virtuosity and expressive performances, particularly in the repertoire of Italian Baroque music.

After the passing of their founder Claudio Scimone in 2018, I Solisti Veneti has continued their legacy under the leadership of the distinguished musical director Giuliano Carella. Under his guidance, the orchestra has continued to evolve and maintain their reputation for artistic excellence. Known for their interpretative precision and the warmth of their sound, I Solisti Veneti quickly gained recognition and were awarded numerous prestigious accolades, including a Grammy Award, the Grand Prix du Disque, and the Premio della Critica Discografica Italiana.

Their discography is extensive and diverse, with more than 350 recorded works, many of them world premieres. The ensemble’s recordings of composers such as Vivaldi, Albinoni, and Corelli have been performed with a mastery that has defined their style. Additionally, I Solisti Veneti has been invited to perform at some of the world’s most important festivals, such as the Salzburg Festival and the Lucerne Festival, and in iconic venues like Carnegie Hall.

Throughout their history, I Solisti Veneti has cultivated close collaborations with prominent international artists. They have worked closely with figures such as Hélène Grimaud and Frank Peter Zimmermann, and have collaborated with renowned musicians like Lang Lang, Julia Fischer, Mischa Maisky, Sabine Meyer, Pinchas Zukerman, Diana Damrau, Igor Levit, Vadim Repin, Janine Jansen, and Maxim Vengerov.

I Solisti Veneti’s dedication to music education is equally notable. The ensemble regularly offers masterclasses and workshops, aiming to inspire and train the next generation of musicians. This commitment to education reflects their desire to perpetuate the musical tradition and foster a deep appreciation for classical music.

Today, I Solisti Veneti remains an integral part of the classical music scene, bringing their music to new audiences and exploring new horizons while staying true to their roots and traditions.

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Pieces from G.Puccini, G.Verdi, A.Vivaldi 

Dates Available: 25, 27, 28 November, 2024

Number of Artists: 14-18 musicians