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Galdos Ensemble

Galdos Ensemble

Ivan Martin, Music Director


Founded by pianist Iván Martín in 2011, Galdós Ensemble is a versatile group of musicians, most of them from the Canary Islands, with remarkable international careers. They unite to perform music written for small orchestras or instrumental groups, ranging from the Baroque era to the present day. The ensemble equally respects historical and romantic performance practices as well as avant-garde and contemporary trends, adapting its instrumental template as needed for different repertoires.


An example of the ensemble’s versatility is their semi-staged chamber opera “Café de Chinitas”, a spectacular performance featuring singing, flamenco guitar, percussion, and a string quintet, including works like El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla and Songs by Federico García Lorca, arranged by Iván Martín.


Critics have praised Galdós Ensemble for their passionate and musical performances. Aurelio M. Seco highlighted the ensemble’s exceptional artistry, particularly noting the passionate double bass performance and tasteful use of the lute in every piece, concluding with Sonata No. 48 in C minor by Soler, which Iván Martín rendered with technical mastery and great naturalness (Codalario, May 25, 2015).


Since the release of their first recording project for Warner Music, dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s piano concertos K.107 and Johann Samuel Schroeter’s piano concerto op.3, Galdós Ensemble has caught the attention of critics, who have acclaimed this album as a reference. Currently, the group is preparing the recording of their next album, dedicated to Frédéric Chopin. Upcoming engagements include performances in various cities across Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Galdós Ensemble has been featured in notable festivals and events, including:

Musica-Musika in Bilbao, where they performed “The Telephone” by Gian Carlo Menotti.

Festival Castell de Peralada“The Telephone” by Gian Carlo Menotti.

Canarias International Music Festival, Chopin Piano Concertos