Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf | Tour 2016 Europe

The popular story of The Three Little Pigs represented in an exceptional children’s opera in one act with an adaptation of Mozart’s music, selected from his operas Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Magic Flute, among others.

A complete and real opera performance through the story of The Three Little Pigs and the Big, Bad Wolf. A show to experience the human voice as molded by Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all ages.
Houses of straw and wood flying and falling, a brick house that would be the envy of many today, and a fierce and cunning, but ultimately powerless Big Bad Wolf.
All the elements necessary for a full stage experience, with live voices and instruments.

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Aquí los cerdos no gruñen; ni hablan, como en el tradicional cuento deLos tres cerditos, sino que cantan. Y cantan ópera al ritmo de la música que compuso uno de los grandes, para muchos, el más grande, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Pero en el montaje L’Òpera dels tres porquets, que mañana se estrena en el Teatro El Musical de Valencia, las letras de Don Giovanni, Las bodas de Figaro y La flauta mágica han sido sustituidas por el relato en valenciano de las vicisitudes de tres pequeños cerdos frente a un hambriento lobo que quiere comérselos, como hace buena parte de los humanos.

By Ferran Bono

El País

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OBERTURE [Lucio Silla: Oberture]

SCENE (Brick house, almost finished)

[D. Giovanni: Trio “Leporello, D.Giovanni, Dª Anna”] GIOVANNI is about to

finish the construction of his brick house, in order to protect himself from the BIG BAD WOLF.

His younger siblings enter the scene playing, and ask GIOVANNI to join them, but he rejects, advising them to build a house themselves as well.

PAPAGENO replies he has already built a straw house, which took him much less effort to make. [Cosí: Aria Despina]

DORABELLA replies she has already built a wood house, which took her much less effort to make. [Figaro: “Voi che sapete..”]

GIOVANNI warns them, while they keep inviting him to play, about the extreme fragility of such houses against the wolf. [Figaro: Duetto Figaro-Susanna]

[Transition: “reprise” duetto]

SCENE (Straw house. PAPAGENO stays outside taking care of his garden)

PAPAGENO admires his straw house. [Flauta Mágica: Papageno’s aria]

The BIG BAD WOLF appears stealthy [Figaro: Count’s aria “Hai già vinta la causa!”]. PAPAGENO sees him and quickly enters the house. The BIG BAD WOLF claims he is a book seller and he wants to show him some books for him to buy. [Figaro: Beginning of Finale Atto II].PAPAGENO doesn’t give in to his pleas, thus the BIG BAD WOLF blows and tears down the house. PAPAGENO runs away, followed by the BIG BAD WOLF.


SCENE (Wooden house)

DORABELLA admires her wooden house. [Cosí: Aria Dorabella] Enters the house.

PAPAGENO arrives [Fígaro: Aria Cherubino “Non sò più”] and tells his sister how he’s followed by the BIG BAD WOLF. They hear the wolf howling and go into the house.

The BIG BAD WOLF arrives and stares at the house and decides not to destroy the house, in order to keep it for himself once he eats the two pigs.

He comes up with an idea and leaves the stage, coming back dressed as Red Riding Hood. [Figaro: Terceto Conde-Basilio-Susanna]

The pigs, after a lot of confussion, end up unmasking the beast, which, angry and hungry, blows the house with no success. [D. Giovanni: duel and death of the Commendatore] He hits the house with an ax until the house falls down. DORABELLA and PAPAGENO run away.

[INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC FOR SCENE CHANGE: Excerpt from “Posthorn Serenade”]

SCENE 4 (brick house)

[D.Giovanni: Scene “The Stone Guest”]

GIOVANNI is quietly enjoying his house. DORABELLA and PAPAGENO rushingly arrive, knocking the door. GIOVANNI opens ant they enter telling him what happenned.

The BIGA BAD WOLF comes and asks GIOVANNI to open the door, promising them a fast death, without any suffering, and GIOVANNI refuses the offer.

The BIG BAD WOLF blows and hits the house without any results. Then he sees the chimney and decides to climb it to enter the house. When he falls down the chimney, he finds himself on the top of a fire. He leaves the house, wounded.

[Fígaro: Finale Atto IV]

Exeunt the Three Little Pigs, victorious, mocking the BIG BAD WOLF, which is not so fierce any more. He apologizes and and the piglets decide to invite to dinner. Yes, at least this time, it will be vegetarian food ..

 DORABELLA (Soprano) and PAPAGENO (soprano) are vague, carefree and irresponsible.

GIOVANNI (Bass-baritone) is the elder brother and the most responsible one.

They are all afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF (Bass-baritone), who will look for a way to eat the pigs.